Although the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes remains controversial and under close watch by many medical professionals and police officers, some people use marijuana in hopes of relieving pain and discomfort of certain medical conditions.

Unfortunately, these people can still face criminal charges, even with a prescription. Not only is Attorney Bernard Jocuns an advocate of Medical Marijuana, but he’s also a lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee.

Defense for Medical Marijuana & Possession Charges

In the State of Michigan, prosecutors and law enforcement have become overzealous in their attempt to prosecute any person that they believe is in violation of the law. This includes any person who has been caught or is believed to be in possession of medical marijuana. With the intensity of police officers trying to bust any person with drugs, they are often erratic in their pursuit and make mistakes as a result. If you have been charged with the possession, cultivation, manufacturing or trafficking of medical marijuana, now is the time to contact Michigan criminal defense attorney Bernard Jocuns for a complimentary and completely confidential consultation on your case.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Law & Drug Crimes

As a state with many occurrences of drug possession or use of medical marijuana, it is important to take legal action if you have been wrongly accused of possessing marijuana. Medical marijuana is a type of drug used in patients who are undergoing chemotherapy to help stimulate hunger and suppress some of the other side effects and to reduce intraocular eye pressure for patients with glaucoma. While it is still very controversial all throughout the United States, medical marijuana has had proven success for many individuals who are suffering from various disorders and diseases.

While some states allow for medical marijuana to be used, federal law still states that this use is not permitted and that growers, sellers and users can all still be penalized. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act allows for the use of marijuana for medical purposes only. However, the federal government will not recognize this act and will seek maximum penalties for any person in violation of federal law. If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense due to possessing medical cannabis, immediately contact the firm today.

As an experience marijuana possession defense attorney, I have an extensive experience in handling cases pertaining to medical marijuana and I may be able to help you today! By working with my firm, you will have an aggressive advocate on your side who is up to date with all current laws and can use this to your advantage. Call today for a free consultation!

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